Our solution

Utilizing our patented technology, we create an integrated solution merging the capabilities of a Customer Insight Platform, a Segment Exchange Market, and a Customer App, all while upholding utmost customer privacy and company confidentiality at every stage. We believe that fostering insights rather than raw data collaboration between companies will enhance trust and better safeguard customer privacy.

AI-based Customer Insight Platform (CIP)

Create your own segments from your 1st-party data using our SDK or import your existing segments from your tools (such as CDP, DMP and others).

FHE-based Privacy-first Segment eXchange Market (SXM)

Anonymize with homomorphic encryption and publish your segments for monetization in SXM. Explore and combine encrypted segments without decrypting its original content to enrich your customer insights and effectively engage your targeted audience.

Consumer App

As a consumer, you can manage your consent with RaiseSense, who collects, anonymizes, and monetizes your interests. Access your eWallet to convert rewards into coupons with our partners.

How RaiseSense protects the privacy?

Don't trust us. RaiseSense is not a trusted third-party. RaiseSense does not see customer IDs or the data associated to them.

Advanced customer anonymization

Existing anonymization techniques pose potential risks of re-identification and intrusions into customer privacy. Using our patented technology, the values associated with each individual undergo random changes over time within the SXM. RaiseSense can seamlessly reconcile data for the same individual across multiple segments without the need of decryption.

Analysis of anonymized insight

All merging operations are performed on anonymized data without ever revealing it. RaiseSense never sees customer IDs or sensitive data. SXM users can only see marketing KPIs and their own customer IDs. Furthermore, our technology is poised for certification by public authorities such as ANSSI in France.

Centralized consent management

We advocate for the next generation of ad display to prioritize transparency for customers. As operators of the marketplace, our commitment is to align data usage with customer consent. If a customer withdraws their consent, their information is automatically removed from the insights published by RaiseSense.

proof-of-concepts on industrial use cases


years in homomorphic encryption techniques and applications.

accepted international patents.

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